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Who are we?

I am America, a recovering immunogenetics technician, and this is my inspiration, Van. I rapidly grew bored of baby blue and light yellow so I started dying and screening clothes when Van was 6 months old. It all started with the biohazard shirt and from there took over his wardrobe and eventually the whole house. When I got laid off due to funding cuts I decided to share my designs with other parents who were likely just as annoyed with the boring, gender stereotyped clothing available at their local department store. Or maybe I'm just doing it because there are no dyable or screenable sufaces left in my house!

Other WAHMS I like!

I like to support other WAHMS that I have done business with in the past, or that I have special ties to. Since you are at this site I imagine that you are interested in other WAHM sites too.
This-End-Up - A great mama to work with! She carries some of my shirts as instock items and has super cute covers!
Fuzzi Fannies - I have one of Rachele's wet bags and it is very cute and works great. Unfotunately my guy potty trained before I got to try her diapers, but I am sure that they are of a similar high quality. She has lots of cute waterproof prints for coveres and you should just go check her out!
Too Cute Treasures - Lots of cute tie-dyed clothes, beaded jewelry (including nursing necklaces) and diapering items in a store run by a VERY nice WAHM. Go check her out!
Schnoogly Wear - Imagine my amazement when I discovered that my college roomate was also a WAHM. Heh. Putting those fancy degrees to work are we... OK, she's working on her PhD. But anyway, go check out her stuff, especially if you are a fan of true tie-dye! I never got to try her diapers because my guy was potty training by the time I found her site, but I've heard good things!
Starbunz - These are my favorite covers ever! We have the black cat and the tiger. My perfect summer outfit is one of these and one of my shirts. I'd have more of these (probably one in nearly every design) but I kept expecting my guy to grow into the next size and he never did! If I ever have another he/she will probably wear these and my own creations exclusively. The fit was perfect and have I mentioned how cute they are?

Informative links

I am an advocate for cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and natural parenting. Formula (except when medically necessary) and Pampers are evil. Here you can find some links to articles that I found particularly informative.
The Politics of Diapers - A very interesting article on the timeline of efforts to defeat anti-disposable diaper legislation.
Decommissioning the diaper - We practiced EC from the time Van was 3 weeks old and while we never were completely diaper-free we greatly reduced our diaper laundry and he potty trained by age two.
A Cloth Diapering Pros and Cons List - A comparison of different diapering systems. I myself was a prefolds and covers kind of gal, but that's not for everyone. Here are some of the pros and cons of each of the diapering systems.
Cloth Savings Calculator - A fun little tool that you can use to show just how much YOU can save by using cloth diapers.

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